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Resources - Safe Boating Campaign

Information to Keep With You

As a HUSKY Health member we want you to have the information you need handy to use your benefits and talk to your provider. Both your “HUSKY Health ID card” and gray EBT “CONNECT card” are used when you see a provider or fill a prescription. It’s also helpful to have information about your health and history handy when you see your doctor. Fill out a “My Medications Card” and a “Know your Numbers Card” to help you talk with your provider and keep track of your health. Keep all of these cards with you along with our 24/7 Nurse Helpline card – you can talk to a registered nurse at any time!

HUSKY Health ID Card

You will receive your HUSKY Health ID card in the mail. Your name, ID number, and the name of your HUSKY Health program (A, B, C, or D) are on your ID card.  If your HUSKY Health Member ID card has been lost, stolen, or damaged please call Member Engagement Services at 1.800.859.9889 to ask for a new one. You can also send us a secure member email by clicking here and requesting a new one.


You will receive your gray Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) CONNECT card in the mail from DSS. If you didn’t get one, call DSS at 1.855.626.6632. If your EBT CONNECT card is lost or stolen, you need to cancel it immediately to prevent anyone from accessing your benefits. You can do this by either logging into the client website by clicking here or by calling the EBT Customer Service line at 1.888.328.2666. Follow the instructions/prompts for reporting a lost, stolen or damaged EBT card.

My Medication Card

Use the My Medication Card to keep track of your medications including your dosages and how often you take them. Bring this list of medicines with you when you see your doctor.

Download and fill out a My Medication Card here.

Know Your Numbers Card

Use the Know Your Numbers Card to help keep track of important health numbers including your blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.

Download and fill out a Know Your Numbers Card here. Resources - Safe Boating

24/7 Nurse Helpline Card

If your provider or your provider’s answering service is not available, HUSKY Health provides access to Registered Nurses 24/7. Call 1.800.859.9889 and follow the prompts to reach a Registered Nurse. You can speak with a nurse about any health concern you have. When you have the number handy, a nurse will always be ready to help you! This card is available in your welcome brochure as a tear-out.

Download a 24/7 Nurse Helpline Card here.

Medical Imaging History Card

Diagnostic imaging lets providers see the inside of your body. It helps them find diseases, injuries, and other issues that they can’t see from the outside. These scans are very helpful, but they also have a drawback: they expose you to radiation. A single test won’t cause damage, but many tests can raise your risk for cancer. If you have had several imaging tests in the past, talk to your provider. You may want to keep a list of tests you have had. To help you keep track of these, you can use the "Medical Imaging History" card. Fill out the card and show it to your provider at your visits.

If you have questions about what types of imaging you should get, click here and search for the type of imaging you want to learn more about.

Download and fill out a Medical Imaging History Card here. Level Mapporn 4170 Threat Uk X oc Of Countries According 3210 To Government Terrorism European

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Resources - Safe Boating Campaign